PIMS Project


Citizenme is a Personal Identity Management service designed to put everyday users of the internet, or citizens, back in control of their digital identity. This project will be a collaboration between Citizenme (an SME), the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and the Machine Learning department of Sheffield University.

Our project will develop an app which provides deep and private insight into the users own accumulated data and enables the information owner to decide what he or she is prepared to share and with whom. We shall structure it so that it securely feeds that information to the relevant online presence, such as a social networking site or advertising agency.

We shall generate revenue by offering retailers and market researchers more precisely targeted, ethically sourced, user information than is currently available, at substantially lower fees than those incurred by having to trawl the plethora of sources of online information.

We will produce analytical reports to present these insights and make the targeting and tailoring of digital content faster, easier and more effective. We enable digital citizens to become the primary stakeholders in the digital economy. The project is sponsored by Innovate UK (TSB) Project Ref Machine Learning 2008 and is a collaboration with StJohn Deakins of CitizenMe and Vesselin Popov of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre.

Personnel from ML@SITraN