Here is a blog post about the history of our Gaussian process software.


This is now the home for our four GP software repositories, GPy, GPmat, GPc and gptk in Python, Matlab, C and R.

There are also other MATLAB toolboxes hosted here, some of which will be folded into GPmat when time allows.

  • envGPLVM PANAMA and LIMMI models (0 watchers)

  • GPc Gaussian process code in C++ including some implementations of GP-LVM and IVM. (9 watchers)

  • GPmat Matlab implementations of Gaussian processes and other machine learning tools. (25 watchers)

  • gprege Gaussian process software in R and Matlab for detecting quiet genes. From Alfredo Kalaitzis’s thesis work. (2 watchers)

  • gptk Gaussian processes tool-kit: An R package for GP regression. (0 watchers)

  • GPy Gaussian processes framework in python (215 watchers)

  • GPyOpt Gaussian Process Optimization using GPy (6 watchers)

  • kappenball Code for the Kappenball game and other code from my 2012 lecture on uncertainty. (0 watchers)

  • mocap Matlab software for processing motion capture files. (0 watchers)

  • multigp Multiple output Gaussian processes in MATLAB including the latent force model. (0 watchers)

  • notebook Collection of jupyter notebooks for demonstrating software. (18 watchers)

  • projects Stores details of projects for the repo. (0 watchers)

Some of our software is also available on other pages such as Neil’s software page where you can find the original versions of our MATLAB toolbox (which were subdivided: kern, ivm, gp, etc.) and the page of the Open Data Science Initiative.